Unfiltered Thoughts: Wellbeing

Wellbeing. HUGE topic. A recurring headline both in our social feed and major publications. Pretty much covering everything and anything when thinking about our mental, physical, sexual, emotional or social selves. Helping us describe how we feel about ourselves – and check in with ourselves – as we think, converse and debate about self-care, anxiety or mental health, burnout, sex, eating disorders…just to name a few.

Like we said, big topic.

So, we would be surprised if you didn’t have a thought bubble about wellbeing! Drop us a line – we want to know what’s taking up space in your head. Something that you feel important to share could resonate with someone or offer a little insight into a thought or feeling for others?

e.g health / sex / relationships / drugs / finance / fitness


Content Warning

This following unfiltered thoughts may contain themes that might be difficult to read or triggering to some readers. Readers in need can visit our Creating a Safe Space page to see a full list of support services.


Reaching Out

There was a period in my life, which I have luckily been able to overcome, where I developed many self destructive tendencies as a result of the environment I found myself in. Part of these tendencies impaired my ability to communicate the ways in which I was struggling to people who would have potentially helped me at the time. Though I managed to overcome my struggles independently, in hindsight I realise that I was unable to get help as I didn’t ask for it and as I knowingly placed all the pressure of my situation upon myself. Though the situation I was in was far from ideal, it taught me valuable lessons in being able to open up to those who are close to me so as to prevent self-isolation, to encourage development of my communication skills and my ability to simply say that I am not okay sometimes.

Helena (she/her), 19 ACT 

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