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Ever had a thought bubble pop into your head and wondered if others felt the same? Or better yet, have a deep desire to share it with the world?

WhyNot’s Unfiltered Thoughts series is your chance to do just that! Our Unfiltered Thoughts series are not fully fledged submissions. Nor should they be modified, processed, or refined. They are, quite literally, bubbles of thought (100 – 200 words) in their most natural state (from your brain to the screen). Some might say they are akin to Twitter – except we want to pay you for them! That’s right! Every published Unfiltered Thought will receive $50.

You can submit your Unfiltered Thoughts through written text, an image, a video, or even an audio recording using the below form. Check back regularly to this page to find out what the latest topic request is or give us a follow on social media!

Currently looking for your thoughts on the Ukraine-Russia war...

It's clear the impact (mental, emotional and physical) of the Ukrainian vs. Russia war goes beyond borders. Thanks to a constantly updating newsfeed, we are watching events unfold before our eyes - with many of us left feeling confused and heartbroken. The WhyNot team would like to create a space for your unfiltered thoughts.

Some question to prompt your thoughts:

How is the situation making you feel? As a young person and a global citizen.

How are the people you know impacted?

What impact is is having on young people across the world?

What do you want to see from the world leaders in response to the conflict?

Currently looking for your thoughts on Roe vs. Wade.

In 1973, the US Supreme Court's decision during Roe v Wade legalised abortion across the country.

A leaked draft of a new Supreme Court ruling shows that Roe v. Wade is on the cusp of being overturned. We are watching as women in American are, once again, threatened with losing a right -  many  feeling frustrated and confused as the significance of women’s rights is at risk.

Some question to prompt your thoughts:

How is the situation making you feel? As a young person, and as a global citizen?

What impact is this having on women and young people across the world?

What do you think we could do to support women’s rights?

What do you want to see from American and world leaders in response to this conflict?

How are people you know impacted?

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