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Ever had a thought bubble pop into your head and wondered if others felt the same? Or better yet, have a deep desire to share it with the world?

WhyNot’s Unfiltered Thoughts series is your chance to do just that!

Our Unfiltered Thoughts series are not fully fledged submissions. Nor should they be modified, processed, or refined. They are, quite literally, bubbles of thought (100 – 300 words) in their most natural state (from your brain to the screen). Some might say they are akin to Twitter – except we want to pay you for them! That’s right! Every published unfiltered thought will receive $50.

You can submit your unfiltered thought through written text, an image, a video, or even an audio recording using the below form. Check back regularly to this page to find out what the latest topic request is or give us a follow via social media!


Currently looking for the following unfiltered thoughts...

Are you an Early Childhood Educator?

With 90% of brain development occurring before the age of 5, the experiences and influences a child has in this time is no doubt formative to their entire being. Tasked with an often misunderstood, yet imperative, job, Early Childhood Educators nurture little minds in their most formative stages to see the world with curiosity and excitement.

In this series, we delve into the behind-the-scenes of working in the early education and care profession. We want to hear from Early Learning professionals about the adventures, the magic, the advocacy and the healing power that working with children has on the soul.

Have you fought off pirates in the sandpit today? Have you planted a seed and eagerly waited for it to sprout? Were you engaged in a conversation about why the grass is green? Are you passionate about advocacy and being a catalyst for change in the sector? We want to hear your stories and insights into what it means to be an Early Childhood Educator.


Cracking the code for gender equality #IWD

We want to help break down the barriers that women face around the world.

We want to hear your bold, transformative ideas about inclusive technologies, accessible education, policy change, and well-being support (to name a few).

We want to crack the code to empower women to fight against discrimination and marginalisation. Every woman deserves the opportunity to live a life free from discrimination, and by working together, amplifying our voices we can create a better, more equal world. That's why we're inviting you to share your unfiltered thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Your perspective is critical to our efforts to make the world a more inclusive and empowering place for all. Let's crack the code on gender inequality and build a brighter future for everyone.



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