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Ever had a thought bubble pop into your head and wondered if others felt the same? Or better yet, have a deep desire to share it with the world?

WhyNot’s Unfiltered Thoughts series is your chance to do just that!

Our Unfiltered Thoughts series are not fully fledged submissions. Nor should they be modified, processed, or refined. They are, quite literally, bubbles of thought (100 – 300 words) in their most natural state (from your brain to the screen). Some might say they are akin to Twitter – except we want to pay you for them! That’s right! Every published unfiltered thought will receive $50.

You can submit your unfiltered thought through written text, an image, a video, or even an audio recording using the below form. Check back regularly to this page to find out what the latest topic request is or give us a follow via social media!


Currently looking for the following unfiltered thoughts...

R U Ok? - A conversation can change a life

Conversations are sometimes just a simple exchange of information. They could also help clarify our thinking, present an opportunity to learn something new or spark a bit of creativity.

Conversations are also how we connect with others and that connection - or sense of belonging - could change a life.

In the lead up to ‘R U Ok? Day’ and to encourage meaningful connection and support checking in with those around us, we are doing a call out for submissions that provide an example of how conversations can change a life.

The Voice to Parliament

At the end of this year, we get a chance to have our say in the Voice to Parliament referendum. It's a HUGE deal that's got everyone talking, sparking a debate across the whole country.

Supporters of the Yes vote are all about making positive change happen. They believe this referendum can push our society forward - think human rights, equality, and social justice. They're tired of outdated traditions holding us back and want to create a future that's inclusive and diverse. A Yes vote, they argue, can make our society fairer, more accepting and all about respecting everyone's voice.

However, there are definitely those who have concerns and doubts about the Yes vote. They worry about what might happen if we blur the lines of established social institutions and undermine traditional values. Cultural norms might be at risk, and they wonder about the impact all this could have on future generations.

We need to take a moment to understand all perspectives. We need to have respectful, informed discussions that dig into the values and principles at stake. It's important to think things through carefully and decide what matters most to all those impacted.

So, what's your take on this pivotal moment? We want to know your unfiltered thoughts! Speak up, join the conversation, and let's figure out how we can shape a future that represents all of us—the diverse, passionate, and opinionated.


Make it 16? 

What if we lived in a world where 16-year-olds could not just get a driver’s licence, hold down a job, leave school, move out of home etc. etc. but also had the option to vote?

The Make it 16 campaign is all about lowering the voting age to 16. Yep, you heard that right! They believe that young people, like us, should have a say in shaping the decisions that affect our lives.

Supporters of the campaign are fired up! They think it's time to break down barriers and empower young voices. They say that including 16-year-olds in the democratic process will bring fresh perspectives, diverse ideas and ensure our concerns are addressed. After all, we're the ones who will inherit the consequences of decisions made today.

Critics have their reservations. They worry that 16-year-olds might not have enough life experience to make informed choices. Some argue that politics can be complex, and we might not fully grasp the consequences of our decisions at such a young age.

As always, we want your unfiltered thoughts! We want to know where you stand on this issue. Should the voting age be lowered to 16, or do you have concerns about it?


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