A Year in the Life – Joy

Join us in this year-long exploration of diverse perspectives, emotions, and stories, as we celebrate the beauty found in the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life. We are collaborating with photographers to build a visual diary that unfolds month by month, capturing the essence of different themes that resonate with the human experience all over the world. From the changing seasons to the raw emotions that define us, each month offers a canvas for you to share your unique perspective.

Here are the April winners of A Year in the Life! This month’s theme was JOY.


‘The Joy of the Ocean’
Ada (she/her), 24 SA

“I feel most joyful when I am out on the ocean. I feel free (scared of sharks and the depths) & completely at peace when the sun shines on the water.”


Sanjana (she/her) 27 VIC

“Taken during the week of moving into my first home, a mixture of great joy, shock and disbelief would best describe my feelings in this moment.”



‘The Happiest Dog There Ever Was’
Eloise Thomson (she/her) 22 QLD




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