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It’s time to step up and say “Yes” Australia

Sammy, 24 years old 21 September 2017 Marriage Equality

Whilst I’m still in disbelief that Australia thinks it’s ok to allow the country to have a vote on whether or not it should be legal to marry the person you love, unfortunately it is happening and now we have to come together and make the right decision.

All humans DESERVE the right to marry the person they love regardless or their gender because it’s about love and should just be a basic human right, nothing else.

This vote shouldn’t be about you or me or our chance to have a say or debate on the matter.  This is about making our country a better place and allowing people to feel comfortable with who they are. Waking up feeling proud and accepted in society.

No good is going to come from stripping someone of their basic human rights and dividing our country. Secluding humans because they love someone of the same sex is unacceptable. It’s time to step up and put an end to what has become an absolute embarrassment for Australia.

Do the right thing and understand how many lives are going to be changed for the better by voting yes ?

#marriageequality #voteyes #loveislove


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