YMCA - Why Not?

The campaign

What is the website for?

Why Not? is a new online space for young Australians supported by the YMCA in Australia. Why Not? is for young Australians, by young Australians – it’s a platform to amplify our voices, support and learn from each other, and resist stereotypes. We have opinions just like everyone else – and we deserve to be heard.

What is the WhyNot campaign?

The Why Not? campaign was created by the YMCA in Australia to help young voices be heard by those in power. We know what matters to us, so why not let us tell our own stories?

Research says only 20% of young Australians aged 18 to 24 years feel able to speak up within their community about important issues. We say this isn’t good enough!

  • Let’s make art – Why Not?
  • Let’s speak up – Why Not?
  • Let’s make a change – Why Not?


Keep asking… Why Not?