Late Night Scrolling.

Words by Steph, 25 VIC

You can read more work from Steph on her website.

This piece was the Winner of the Get Comfortable Online Creative Competition 2021.

Tap, Tap, Tap—but not the dreaded double tap from way back.
Keyboard warriors and hashtag heroes.
Unsung poets and “Hey” in my DMs.
A bustling bus of screen-lit faces.
Blurring pictures of cats and plants and books filling us up, but not to the top.
To the semi-top where there’s that sweet spot of engagement to build that brand.
Combatting the feeling of never enough, imposter syndrome that drags on your heels and keeps you coming back for more.
They’ve got it figured out.
Burning through their lives.
Okay boomers versus Gen Z versus skinny jeans side part.
Gender reveals, wedding e-vites and gal’s nights out.
Brunch selfies and actual selfies and #holidaylyf
A mess of string tangled up in us as we learn who us is.
A record of wins and losses.
But who gives the final tally?
Is it me, or is it “them”?
This mess is mine, ours, theirs.
The good, the bad, the wish they’d untag me.
It’s all there.
A painting on the wall of us.
Messy but THERE.

Illustration by AileenYou can find more of her work on Instagram @aileenetc

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