Ditch the witch: burning sexist stereotypes of childfree women at the stake

Ditch the witch

Words by Charlee (she/her), 21 NSW Pope Francis, the oft-touted ‘progressive’ face of the Catholic Church, recently branded the decision to remain childfree as “selfish.” Which is ironic, considering that the Pope himself is child-free. The Pope’s accusation of selfishness reveals a glaring double standard: why are men rarely subjected to the same criticism as…

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Women and Voice

Woman and voice

Words by Helena (she/her), 20 QLD   Every woman has known the torment of getting up to speak. Her heart racing, at times entirely lost for words, ground and language slipping away. That’s how daring a feat, how great a transgression it is for a woman to speak in public. As explored by writer and…

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Measured in men

Human figures lined up next to a measuring tap on a purple background

Words by Caelan, 18 NSW  At that gnarled and empty space between, when time stood still and fled, I thought about the things that pressed at my seams. I thought about the things that begged to spill from my mind to my tongue and embed themselves in places outside of me.   We are measured…

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Unfiltered Thoughts: Cracking the code for gender equality.

We want to help break down the barriers that women face around the world. We want to crack the code for gender equality. We want to hear your bold, transformative ideas about inclusive technologies, accessible education, policy change, and well-being support (to name a few). We want to crack the code to empower women to…

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