Women and Voice

Woman and voice

Words by Helena (she/her), 20 QLD   Every woman has known the torment of getting up to speak. Her heart racing, at times entirely lost for words, ground and language slipping away. That’s how daring a feat, how great a transgression it is for a woman to speak in public. As explored by writer and…

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Measured in men

Human figures lined up next to a measuring tap on a purple background

Words by Caelan, 18 NSW  At that gnarled and empty space between, when time stood still and fled, I thought about the things that pressed at my seams. I thought about the things that begged to spill from my mind to my tongue and embed themselves in places outside of me.   We are measured…

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I am not your daughter.

Words by Jessica, 23 NSW She was found alone,Strewn in bushes much like the rest.She looked like she had put up a fight,But she did not pass the test. Her eyes will never open again.Her friends will never hear her laugh.Her family is left confused and wondering,Why couldn’t he just leave her be?Why couldn’t he…

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To the angry girl on WhyNot, I’m angry too.

Words by Ella, 23 VIC To the angry girl on Whynot.I am angry too.I am angry that he doesn’t get it.I am angry that he wants me to stay silent, palatable.Doesn’t want me to voice my opinions,Not ones that could cause discomfort.Women are to be seen, not to be heard.To be heard only when we’re…

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To be feminine or to be feminist: body hair reflections

Words by Alexandra, 23 VIC When I entered the world of puberty, it felt absolutely essential that I shave my underarms and legs. I have a distinct memory of tying my hair into a ponytail when my cousin noticed hair under my arms. “You have more hair there than I do!”, he laughed. Of course…

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