Unfiltered Thoughts: Experiences


According to trusty Google an experience is ‘an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone’. In other words, it could be an observation, understanding or knowledge, worldliness, involvement or exposure. When we talk about experience we’re talking about physical experiences – things you’ve lived through such as your first travel adventure in a…

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Beauty Synonyms

Beauty Synonyms Blog Article - my size

Words by Kyara, 22 VIC “We have other sizes in the back,” the shop assistants say when they see me looking through the racks. I smile and say thanks. Slim young women and athletic young men inhabit the beaches and the bars and the streets. For both locals and foreigners, Bali feels like the place…

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Travel in the Time of Corona

Words by Connor, 19 NSW I’m one of many young people who have had their travel plans cancelled or postponed by COVID-19. It’s a sad situation, but there will be a next time to travel, right? Sort of. A Reuters report suggests that it could take up to 10 months after the end of the…

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