Misinformation, Manipulated Data and the Battle for Truth

Words by Maeson (they/them), 22 WA  Misinformation and disinformation are increasingly pervasive problems in today’s society. Misinformation is often unintentionally spread, while disinformation is deliberately shared to mislead people. Arguably, one of the most impactful and harmful circumstances of widespread misinformation campaigns are those developed by climate denialists and major fossil fuel companies and interest…

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The Misinformation Effect

Misinformation on social media

Words by Madieson (she/her), 25 WA  Misinformation centralises on the spreading of incorrect information, either intentionally or unintentionally. When it comes to the current generation, we can see the rapid spread of misinformation on a variety of different issues. From a psychological perspective, misinformation looks at how our memory of previous events in history can…

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