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Mountainous Barriers WhyNot

Mountainous Barriers

Words by Markos, 28 VIC Artist statement: – This is a simple but honest piece that illustrates the challenges of getting a job when you have mental health issues. While it’s difficult to climb those hills...

Side Effects May include - Artist Submission

Side Effects May Include

Submission by Julia. 24 VIC This piece was a finalist of the Youth Summit Creative Competition 2020. Artist Statement: – ‘I created this piece to highlight the impact that mental health can have on maintaining...

The Sliding Scale of Mental Health

The Sliding Scale of Mental Health

Words by Ari, 27 VIC Mental wellness exists on a spectrum, not an all-or-nothing dichotomy of ‘ill’ or ‘healthy’. At the moment I’m floating somewhere in the middle, and that’s my normal. I have anxiety. Using the word...

This was fun image

This Was Fun

Words by Sarah, 29 VIC, You can find more of her poetry on Instagram @sharperpoetry One minute, I’m laughing over breakfast, the next, the floor is swallowing me whole. There’s a ringing in my ears that starts as a...

Imagined Real Anxiety | WhyNot

Imagined, Real

Words by Lydia, VIC I wrote Imagined, Real during the week before exams to show how my anxiety manifests itself. I wanted to describe the physical symptoms and suffocating feelings it brings and how helpless it can make...

Self-Help Books Are Anything but Helpful

Words by Justine, 19 QLD Many young people are suffering from mental illness these days, especially anxiety and depression. It’s hard being a young person in a world with so much developing technology and a world where...

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