Unfiltered Thoughts: IDAHOBIT

Pride Flag

Imagine a world where every person, regardless of who they love, feels safe, respected, and valued. This vision is at the heart of IDAHOBIT, May 17. This day marks the historic moment in 1990 when the World Health Organization declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. Despite this progress, over two decades later, LGBTQIA+ communities continue…

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Hot or not: you tell me


Words by Rosie (she/her), 30 QLD   When I was six, my parents asked me if I had a crush on any boys. First of all, bonkers, right? I was six. And I didn’t—because, y’know, I was six—but they were convinced that I did and that I was too embarrassed to admit it. “There’s no one,”…

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Unfiltered Thoughts: Social


If we thought the topic of wellbeing was huge this is topic is GIGANTIC! We also know based on past submissions – this is what matters the most to our contributors. Young people around the world are standing up “for the Greta Good” amid droughts, bushfires and once-in-a-lifetime environmental disasters that are happening every other…

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