Artwork by Ziggy, 23 NSW  Artist Statement: I had to be ‘verified’ by a medical professional as transgender, before I could continue with my transition. The funny thing is everything in this drawing makes me trans. AND nothing in this drawing makes me trans. Every transgender person has their own ideas of what being trans…

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Homophobia is Still an Issue… What Can We Do?

Homophobia is still an issue… What can we do? | WhyNot

Words by Laneikka, 19 NSW I didn’t come from a homophobic household. And yet I remember crying at Jamberoo because my sister groped a mermaid statute’s boobs with her hands. There was something about same sex couples that left me fearful. I had this undeniable anxiety that even existing near LGBTIQ+ people would ‘turn’ me…

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Dear Brother John

Dear Brother John | Why Not?

Words by Akira, 22 VIC Dear Brother John, This morning I woke up to a Sydney Morning Herald article outlining some alarming suggestions following the religious review commissioned in the wake of last year’s marriage equality victory. The report calls for the federal Sex Discrimination Act to be amended to allow religious schools to discriminate…

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