The economy was failing young Australians long before COVID-19

Words by Lachlan, 21 VIC I am one of the lucky ones. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic I have had stable employment and the resources to continue university study. Yet other young Australians have not been as fortunate, with the pandemic forcing almost one in three workers aged 18-24 into unemployment. These people are not just…

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Elusive Employment in Unprecedented Times

Words by Kai, 25 The year 2020 brought a whirlwind of change. At least that was what it looked like when Jane*, an old friend, shared a picture from her office farewell dinner. Her company fired her without warning for “underperformance”, Jane told me. “But they wanted me to still work with them and move…

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What a Time to be Alive

Instagram screen shots of barriers to employment

Digital artwork by Julianna, 26 VIC This piece was a finalist of the Youth Summit Creative Competition 2020. I  like to use Instagram. I discovered the abilities of sharing quick Instagram stories which act for me like ‘time capsule memories.’ The phone screen becomes like a digital art canvas for my musings, quotes and photography.…

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The Top Ten Lies your Careers Counsellor Told You

Lady Talking with speech bubble of a cross and exclamation mark about employment

Words by Brianna, 21 QLD This piece was a finalist of the Youth Summit Creative Competition 2020. 1. You have three pathways after leaving high school. The first is to go to university.   A degree in anything will earn you millions of dollars. (Please note: this option is only available to students with an ATAR…

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Side Effects May Include

Side Effects May include - Artist Submission

Submission by Julia. 24 VIC This piece was a finalist of the Youth Summit Creative Competition 2020. Artist Statement: – ‘I created this piece to highlight the impact that mental health can have on maintaining meaningful employment. As a young person who suffers from depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, I have a…

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A Young Australian’s Voice

Recording & Words by Imogen, 21 VIC This piece was a finalist of the Youth Summit Creative Competition 2020. In this audio piece, Imogen responds to the numerous employment barriers young people face today, including what it feels like to be part of the first graduating class to be entering the Australian workforce during a…

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The Interview

The Interview - WhyNot Blog Article

Words by Hardeep, 28 NSW This piece was the Winner of the Youth Summit Creative Competition 2020. The tapping of the receptionist’s acrylic nails is making my nerves jump. I made it twenty minutes early and am now sitting on a navy sofa in my tight pencil skirt, watching people race back and forth like…

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Meandering Mind

Meandering Mind | WhyNot?

Words by Joanita, 24 NSW I always thought I knew what I wanted – but the longer I spend searching the job market, the more I understand how options can be both liberating and confining.  I used to have no patience for ambivalent people. I tapped my foot when a person at the front of…

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WhyNot EC Unfiltered: Education & Employment Part 2

Words by Members of the WhyNot Editorial Committee and friends Virtual hurdles To say my focus on my education has been a challenge is an understatement.  Like the majority of students, my studies have been completely shifted online. As I studied interstate at university, I came back to Sydney since the lockdown as my whole family resides…

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