Unfiltered Thoughts: 2022 Federal Election

The 2022 Federal Election has been called for May 21! In the lead up to the election we’ll be amplifying the Unfiltered Thoughts of young Australians on a range of topics, issues and policies that matter to them. What are your initial thoughts on the Federal Election? This following unfiltered thoughts may contain themes that…

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The Generation Conflict Behind the Election

The Generation Conflict Behind the Election | WhyNot

Words by Connor, 18 NSW The recent election sparked an interesting debate with my grandfather over Australian politics, and in particular around the management of our economy and the best party for that job. I argued that Labor were the better economic managers; he staunchly supported the Coalition. In the eyes of my grandparents, Labor…

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The Upcoming Election’s Focus on Climate Change gives me Hope

The upcoming election’s focus on climate change gives me hope | WhyNot

Words by Shannon, 29 VIC Scott Morrison has called the election and it is set for May 18th. And for me, a 29-year-old with crippling eco-anxiety, it gives me hope. Hope not just for a delicious democracy sausage, but for change. Because this election is being dubbed ‘the climate election.’ And finally, the future of…

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