What it is Like Being the Sibling of Someone on the Spectrum

Sibling on the spectrum Blog Article

Words by Miriam, 19 NSW Siblings are the worst, aren’t they? Not my brother. He’s pretty great, but not everyone sees him that way, because he’s different. People don’t like different. Of course, there are times when I find my brother excessively, painstakingly irritating, however, I’ve learnt that when you’re the sibling of someone on…

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Gifted, But Quirky

Gifted, but Quirky

Words by Jess, 23 VIC For me, being diagnosed with autism changed my life in an enormous way. I finally had an answer for all my life’s questions, and the more I looked into the female presentation of autism, the more of my existence made sense. I spent so many years feeling like I was…

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