Madie’s Top 5 Takes On … Taking Care of Yourself

Words by Madieson (she/her), 24 WA Something that we often neglect is the most important person in our lives! Ourselves!! With the busyness of life, we often prioritize work, study, friendships and families over ourselves. We push our needs to the side and focus on others, without focusing on how we can support ourselves. Here…

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Letter to my Younger Self

A letter to my Young Self | Cover Tile

Words by Teri 21 VIC Dear teenage self, I know that sometimes things aren’t perfect. I know that the days feel impossibly long, like you’re perpetually waiting for a bus that never comes. I often think the whole fucking world thrums to the same dull, monotonous beat. Maybe that’s too pessimistic. It’s just that I’m…

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