Unfiltered Thoughts: Why Pronouns Matter

Pronouns carry tremendous significance; think of them as our individual identity badges! When we use the correct pronouns, it’s like giving someone’s authentic self a high-five, radiating respect for them as a person, and it feels pretty awesome.

On the flip side, slipping up and using the wrong ones can lead to cringe-worthy stumbles, creating awkward and sometimes hurtful moments. Pronouns are more than just words; they’re like a cool secret handshake that symbolises our unity and our commitment to embracing diverse expressions.

Pronouns matter to us because they represent a step towards a more inclusive world where everyone is recognised and accepted for who they are. Pronouns are a way to honour and celebrate individual identities, ensuring that nobody feels left out or misunderstood.

So tell us, why do pronouns matter to you?


How ‘They’ Feels

I’m a cis man who enjoys using they/them pronouns. There’s something about the way they cloak me, allowing any gendered expectations to roll off my back. They give me permission to be soft and to exist within flux. They let me decide how I can be, can speak, can express myself to others.

I like the way they/them pronouns sound when they’re written, the pause they give people to remind them of their biases and potential misgivings. The liminality they provide to those who both know exactly who they are and those who don’t quite yet, and need a place to rest.

They/them pronouns fit me like the glove I never knew I needed, moulding to my identity and keeping me safe and warm.

Zahir (he/they) 29 VIC