I Can’t Breathe

Words by Fibha, 22 NSW

“I can’t breathe”;

You hear us repeat! Yet, there’s no action, Just an attraction,

For a fraction of bystanders.


As we’re put down to the ground; With cuffs on our hands,

And knees on our necks,

Is this not a symbolic degradation?


Chaotic & demonic!

Is this not a show of police brutality? Resulting in a lethality,

For the world to witness another fatality!


We live in an era of social media,

If it wasn’t for it, we would’ve never seen, What it felt like to be killed.

George Floyd was asphyxiated!


As suffocating as it sounds,

Imagine how many Floyd’s have been victimised;

As a result of racial discrimination?

When we are all the same creation!


Black and white;

Race and hate;

Homicides and genocides;

Racial inequality and police brutality; An ideology of power imbalance. Why is it all still occurring,

Despite it being the 21st century?


“We understand,

That we will never understand

But still,

We stand!”


Institutionalised racism is a long war to fight,

With many affected in front of our sights!

As the #BLM Movement ignites, Nations across the world reunite,

To fight against oppression, Towards the Black!

And in a fight to eradicate,

The obsession with White Domination!


Enough is Enough!! To serve one right,

Is what we recite.

On behalf of humanity,

We will fight for your sanity!


Together we stand,

In solidarity,

Until justice prevails

And, the culture of white supremacy, Fails!

Illustration by AileenYou can find more of her work on Instagram @aileenetc

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