Words by Jessica 21, NSW

The vicious witches are at it again,

Smearing our gender and hating on our Name.

And I want to make it clear that

‘I didn’t do it’, 

 ‘I feel attacked’,

‘And her short skirt was probably to Blame’.

Didn’t she know that women can’t walk at night in a park?

Because women don’t have rights after dark.

    Or in clubs

        Or in a car park

               Or online 

                   Or even at home

Women don’t have rights if they’re all alone.

Women don’t have rights. Period.

Women are worth less.

They’re paid less.

Girls should parade less.

Talk less.

Complain less.

Engage less,

With the feminism BS.

If only they’d stop the deflection,

And realise that these tragedies

Start with their selection,

To try to live with the rights of a man.

How silly to think that the same rules Could ever apply.

You don’t have the same rights,

You’re NOT a guy!

You don’t get to feel safe.

You don’t get to have a say.

And it’s about time you realised,

That this is perfectly okay.

Your gender is a burden and yeah it must Suck.

But don’t drag the rest of us down

Into your own bad luck.

Women don’t get to feel safe.

So, walk in a group.

   Don’t stay out late.

      Dress more conservatively.

         Accept the smaller wage.

             Stop trying to be adventurous.

                Give up on having fun.

Forget your seat in the boardroom.

Focus on your household and mothering

And PLEASE stop telling me my Misogynistic views are wrong

Or that they are smothering.

Stay in your lane.

You don’t get a voice

Because as some lawmakers will tell you

It might be your body,

But it isn’t your choice.

It’s not your world and you need to accept the facts.

This knowledge is the power your gender lacks.

So, without further ado,

Let me introduce you

To the life that you get.

‘The female gender and inequality,

I believe you’ve both met?’

I’m sorry does this offend you?

Did I strike a nerve?

To that I say, 

‘Boys will be boys.’

‘Shit happens’.

And the reality is,

‘It’s a man’s world’.

Illustration by AileenYou can find more of her work on Instagram @aileenetc

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