Equality is not Enough

Artwork and Words by Emily (they/them), 25 VIC 


This artwork is to raise awareness that “Equality is not Enough”. The piece depicts four possible outcomes: starting with Reality and moving through to Justice.

In this world, we are not born into equal circumstances. Some people get more than they need, others get less. Thus, a huge disparity is created.

Equality divides resources equally among people. However, it assumes that everyone benefits from the same supports. Equality does not factor in differences in need and ability.

Equity is just about dividing resources equally, but factoring in differences amongst people too. This includes considering factors such as race and socioeconomic status that would require different support to ensure the same opportunity of success. With equity, everyone gets the support they need.

Justice is long-term equity, creating equity in systems, not just individuals. It takes equity a step further, dismantling systemic barriers. Justice is the collective responsibility of a free and just society, to ensure that human rights are preserved for everyone, regardless of our identities, backgrounds, or intersectionality.

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