Privacy Policy

WhyNot is a collection of stories, thoughts and ideas that are uncensored, un-institutionalised, and without any other agenda than to make sure the voices of young people are heard.

To ensure that the WhyNot platform remains independent but still fit-for-purpose, and to support its contributors, WhyNot collects personal information for the purposes of administration, payment and / or communication. This Policy describes the way we handle your information, your rights and the process used to provide feedback. This Policy applies to all members of the WhyNot volunteer editorial committee (the Team). The Policy also applies to all Y People who may also access this information to ensure that contributors are adequately supported.

Information Life Cycle

Sensitive Information

During submission, contributors have the option to provide sensitive information regarding their sexuality, and ethnic or cultural origin. This information is used to tailor our services and test our engagement efforts and will only be communicated outside of the WhyNot team to ensure that contributors are appropriately informed of supports and services available to them.


WhyNot? takes reasonable steps to protect personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorised disclosure or destruction as required by the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1988). Personal information of our contributors is stored on third party servers (currently Mailchimp, Gravity Forms, WordPress and Google Drive). We frequently engage with these hosts to ensure the continued safety of these information storage arrangements. Any breaches will be communicated to contributors and to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner as required by the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme.


Whilst all contributors must provide personal details to the WhyNot team when they submit, WhyNot provides the opportunity for contributors to be published whilst remaining anonymous to all visitors to the public site.

Consequences for Breaching this Policy

All elements of this policy are enforceable, and all breaches will be dealt with in accordance with the Y's Code of Conduct.

Correction and Complaints

If you believe that we may have incorrect or outdated details, we encourage contributors to provide corrected or up-to-date details by emailing us at

We welcome all feedback from our contributors. If you would like to provide any comments or if you have any concerns about our Privacy Policy or how we may have handled your information, we encourage you to send us an email at

If you feel we have not appropriately responded to your feedback or complaint, please contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by visiting this link.

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