Our Vision

To empower voices worldwide.

At WhyNot, we're on a mission to empower young voices across the globe, providing them with a platform to submit their thoughts and amplify their unique points of view. 


Here's a breakdown...


Empowering Our Contributors

We offer a structured and supportive environment where contributors can freely explore their ideas and stretch the boundaries of their imagination. Our goal is to facilitate personal and professional growth for every individual who joins our community.


Freedom of Expression

Everyone possesses a distinct voice and perspective on the world. We encourage fearless expression through various mediums – whether it's through writing, video, audio, artwork, or any other form of creativity you can think of.


Diversity of Voice

We celebrate individuality and authenticity, fostering a brave space for contributors to share their perspectives, challenge conventions, and expand the discourse. Our platform thrives on the diverse voices that make up our community.


Creating a Place of Belonging

 Belonging is a basic human right! WhyNot connects individuals from all corners of the globe, fostering a sense of community where members can share their work, exchange ideas, and be catalysts of change together.


Professional Development

We're here to give our contributors the boost they need to kick-start their professional journeys. By providing valuable opportunities and resources, we aim to help them build a robust portfolio and pave the way for future success.


Recognising Worth
(and Paying for It!)

Fair compensation is a non-negotiable for us. Every contributor who graces our platform (gets published) with their work deserves to be compensated accordingly.


Amplifying Talent
(as well as voice)

Leveraging the expansive reach of our community, we strive to open doors to further career opportunities for our contributors, amplifying their talent and propelling them towards success.

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