Fully Blown Submissions

If you're ready to submit a full-blown piece, you've come to the right place!

Fully blown submissions could be...

500 – 800 words in length – we often refer to this as a written submissions (very original – we know). This can take any format – essay, how-to, Q&A, listicle, profile, review, expository etc.

Poetry – we’ve been known to publish a blossoming poet or two in our time.

Artwork – we love seeing the world through your eyes as you bring it to life with your paintbrush, camera, pencil or digital tool.

Video – pick up your phone and shoot us through a short video giving us the download on your thoughts, feelings, comments and opinions.

Audio – we love receiving audio submissions! It’s content our audience can consume on the run.


Check out our submission guidelines for the lowdown on the submission checklist and get ideas on what the EC is currently obsessing over at the inspiration hub


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