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Payment FAQs | WhyNot?

Your FAQs Answered

How much am I paid for my submission?

We pay our contributors $125 per published piece.

Will every submission get paid?

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay for every submission, but we are committed to paying a minimum of ten published contributors each month.

When will I receive payment?

You will receive an email from our editorial committee once your piece is live on our platform. At this time, we will request your invoice for published work!

What is an invoice?

An invoice is simply a document that a writer sends to an editor or publisher with their payment details, so that they can get paid!

What information needs to be on an invoice?

Your name, contact information, and bank information, as well as your ABN (if applicable), and the amount you’re to be paid. Some places can pay you via PayPal, but most Australian publications prefer to pay you via direct deposit. If you’re unsure, ask!

Why do I need to send an invoice?

This is how we pay you! It also allows both the writer and the publisher to keep track of their finances, which comes in handy around tax time.

Wait…Do I need an ABN?

Do you identify as a freelancer? 

If yes, then you really should sign up for an ABN. But don’t worry – it’s a lot easier to set one up than you might fear and it’s free! (For more information, check out this awesome article on Junkee)

If no, you will still need to provide an invoice and fill out an additional form once submitted your piece.

Who owns the content once published?

This answer is simple – you! That’s right you are the owner of all rights, including Intellectual Property rights, to the content (and all edited versions of the content) you submit to WhyNot for publication. 

Intellectual Property means all copyright, trademarks, designs and patents, and all other rights resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields recognised anywhere in the world, but does not include Moral Rights and the rights of performers.

We can publish the content you submit to us because you grant us a non-exclusive (i.e. you can licence your content to others), world-wide, royalty-free, ongoing licence to use, modify and reproduce this content.

What if I publish elsewhere?

While you are the owner of all rights, including Intellectual Property rights, of the content (and all edited versions of the content) you submit to WhyNot, if your content is published anywhere else (after it has been published by WhyNot) you need to make sure that WhyNot is credited as the first publisher of the content.

Keep asking… Why Not?