What a Time to be Alive

Digital artwork by Julianna, 26 VIC

This piece was a finalist of the Youth Summit Creative Competition 2020.

instagram story screenshots

I  like to use Instagram. I discovered the abilities of sharing quick Instagram stories which act for me like ‘time capsule memories.’ The phone screen becomes like a digital art canvas for my musings, quotes and photography. In this piece, I went through many numerous emotions in the early period with the COVID19 news and Instagram offered a place to provide an outlet for my distress, especially with the cut of the bulk of my work. While retreating, I was in a reflective place and recalled many flashbacks of my life with grace. The idea came to me to give a digital letter to my younger self, to remind myself of the changes that go on in life that are outside of my control and to give hope and a reminder that there are alternative options, ways I can still keep my mental, social and financial health in check. In other words: to take it a day at a time and to stay in my lane.

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