Star #4

This piece is featured in the collaborative project between WhyNot and Project See and B for Propel Youth Arts WA 2024 KickstART Festival in Western Australia.

Art by Elisa (she/her) 19 WA

As a young creative in Perth, I am in the process of establishing my artistic identity. Being a creative can mean many different things to different people – especially as I come from a production design background, I feel my role can be extremely fluid and undefined at times. I’ve chosen to explore this through a series of illustrative self-portraits, defining my perspective on what my role is and how I identify within the arts sector. At times I feel my identity is multifaceted, shape-shifting between designer, artist, writer, director and creative – this gives me room to explore what my art is and how I express myself through different mediums, but I notice I often experience a sense of detachment, even weightlessness. Operating across a range of platforms is both liberating and terrifying; ambiguity to the extreme. This particular illustration was drawn intuitively in oil pastel, and explores that very feeling of not being weighed down by any one role – tense, but exciting. I’m still exploring my artistic identity through my work, I don’t believe I’ve quite got there yet – but perhaps it doesn’t need to be defined into any one role at all.


Self Portrait


Banner Illustration by Jodie. You can find more of her work on Instagram @jodie_ellin

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