Souvenirs Left Behind

Words by Jaime (she/her), 22 QLD

So we get in the car

and we spiral down curved roads

That carve through landscapes 

Like a knife down a spine. 

There’s a ghost of a song 

That we screamed out the windows

Now hitchhiking its way back to our ears. 


We throw off the bowlines, 

And brace against waves 

That tug at 

The blanket of sky

Which rests against the horizon. 

There’s a coin that broke free from my pocket, 

Now nesting next to 

A sanddollar at the bottom

Of the ocean, 

Dreaming of blue skies. 


We launch off the edge, 

And the wind stings our noses 

As we careen from the sky 

Towards the little people below

That look like marching ants.

The echo of my body 

Hitting the ground 

Reverberates through the world;

A personal earthquake. 


We shuffle our surroundings, 

Taste the salt of the world. 

We leave pieces of ourselves in each place, 

Like a scatter of confetti, 

And when we finally revisit, 

We cheer as we see the pieces 

of our glowing hearts

Fluttering in the wind 

Like two kites circling the sun. 

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