In Another Life

Words by Jaime (she/her), 22 QLD  


I lock eyes with a girl,

Her eyes are round, and cheeks

Are full, and her smile is all teeth.

She looks like me,

Maybe she is me,

In some other life.


She stands across the street,

She’s in the sun,

Gripping her tote bag,

Her shoes worn,

Holes yawning where her

Pinky toes are.

Her wrists are decorated

In tattoos and with bracelets and bangles,

And there is a small plait in her hair.


I sit still at the bus stop,

Limbs heavy,

Eyelids drooping like

Wilted flowers.

My collared shirt keeps

Me warm while

My laptop bag sits heavy

In my hands.


She blinks, then winks,

Then twirls away,

Like leaves caught in

An autumn breeze.


I feel her ghost,

Yawn and roll over

Inside me.

I will miss her.

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