Happy New Year’s Eve

Words by Jahin, 21 NSW 


As we depart another year,

It is time for me to forget the chapter it created,

Like shoes at the door,

I will lay it down,

A heavy heart no longer mine to bear,

To be grateful for the time that has passed,

Lessons learnt and tears shared.


I realise that with every year departed,

We are perfectly-made imperfect beings,

Perfect in make,

Imperfect in nature.


So, to appreciate what has been given to us,

Attack the day with vigour and excitement,

With pure delight and gratitude,

Unmatched like any other day.


Some gaze at the stars with all their might,

Idle in the moments of spoken whispers,

Trapped in the dreams that feel too bright to walk towards.


Others step face-first into the light,

Their words secondary to deeds,

Composing those murmurs into hymns.


As I lay here in bed at the break of dawn,

Thoughts travelling faster than light,

The thought of fresh resolutions instigating incomparable goosebumps,

I map out my plans.


I am changing like the seasons,

No longer caught in the hubris of naivety,

I will become who I want to be –



Illustration by AileenYou can find more of her work on Instagram @aileenetc


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