A Year in the Life – March

Join us in this year-long exploration of diverse perspectives, emotions, and stories, as we celebrate the beauty found in the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life. We are collaborating with photographers to build a visual diary that unfolds month by month, capturing the essence of different themes that resonate with the human experience all over the world. From the changing seasons to the raw emotions that define us, each month offers a canvas for you to share your unique perspective.

Here are March’s winners of A Year in the Life!


Growling grass frog

‘Echoes of the Wetland’
Darcie (she/her) 25 VIC

“During the spring and summer months male Growling Grass Frogs will call out emitting a series of low-frequency growls in hopes of attracting a female frog.”


‘Rearview Mirror’
Aurelne (she/her) 25 WA

“Shall I look at you? Or shall I look at myself in the rearview mirror?”


Melbourne Sunset

‘Melbourne Sunset’
Sanjana (she/her) 27 VIC

“I find solace in capturing the vibrant essence of my city and beyond. Using photography as a means to relax, I enjoy capturing beauty seemingly ordinary places.”


‘House of Angels’
Aurelne (she/her) 25 WA

“Raindrops and sunlight shine through silver-lined clouds behind the hospital. A place of pain and suffering, but beneath it all, hope.”


‘Scarborough sunset’
Branden (He/him), 26 WA


‘Hirayu Onsen, Gifu, Japan’
Carmen (she/her), 31 NSW

“This was my second time in Japan, and coming from Central West NSW I never cease to be amazed by snow like this. Awe and wonder, it’s always the little things.”



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