Unfiltered Thoughts: Culture

Although creativity is often associated with the arts, it’s actually a vital form of intelligence that drives people in many disciplines to discover something new. There is no real consensus on how exactly to define creativity – it’s interrupted by the individual.

Is the finger painting that your parents held onto since you were 3 considered art? What about the 20,000 photos currently taking up space in your phone?

What does creativity mean to you? What book/podcast/movie changed your life? Are we being exposed to more unfiltered content on the big screen or are we simply noticing it more? What does it take to be creative?

How does your cultural heritage shape who you are everyday? What traditions from the past do you celebrate with your fam / friends / work mates?

We have a lot of burning questions in this space and we want to know your answers to the ones listed above and then some!

e.g creativity / art / music / books / film / photography / heritage

Content Warning

This following unfiltered thoughts may contain themes that might be difficult to read or triggering to some readers. Readers in need can visit our Creating a Safe Space page to see a full list of support services.



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