Dual faces, Dual Identities, Dual Languages – The Curses and Blessings of Dual Selves

Short Film by Julianne Nyugen

This is a story about a girl.
A girl born to Vietnamese boat parents.
A girl with Vietnamese parents who gave her a religion. A second-hand religion.
A girl who is Eastern at home.
A girl who is Western when out.
A girl who looks Vietnamese but feels Australian.
A girl who feels frustrated by the stereotypes.
This girl begins to speak.
This girl questions if she can be both.
This girl chooses to accept it and embraces both.
This girl is Vietnamese-Australian and Christian-Cao Dai.

‘grey’ is a short-film by Julianne Ngyuen that was shortlisted for the Victorian Multicultural Commission Film Festival.

The film explores the daily battles that second-generation Vietnamese-Australians go through at home and when out in society. Themes of dual identity, eastern and western culture and social values are portrayed through traditions in language, religious practice etc.

I wanted to share this in the hope of giving a message to the young people who have migrant parents and speak a second language at home. This message is that you are not alone and the pressures of growing up Asian in Australia are challenging to our identity at home, at work, as well as to our general self-esteem and mental health.

You can find more of Julianne’s work on: Instagram @inter_human & sustainablejulianneTumblr & Medium

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