Creative Residents Unleashed

We all have a voice.

Everyone has their own unique thoughts; feelings shaped by experience; comments on the world around us; opinions that bubble up inside desperate to be shared!


The Creative Residents Unleashed (CRU) program embodies the WhyNot philosophy - offering a global platform for young people to explore, learn, grow, and above all, express themselves without inhibition or prejudice.

CRU is the ultimate creative playground! Inspired by some of the world's most prestigious residency programs, CRU creates an environment that nurtures creativity, encourages unfiltered individuality and champions original thought. Our creative residents are encouraged to unleash their voice, flip the bird to the status quo and embrace the chaos of individuality.


Our ambition extends beyond merely publishing your work. CRU is a stepping stone into the professional world. Throughout the residency, CRU members will work closely with our team, gaining first-hand experience, further developing your skills and adding to their portfolio of published work.

CRU is more than a program; it's a creative expedition - that takes you from being a storyteller to an influencer and ultimately, a catalyst for change.

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Meet our current Creative Residents

Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 12428 pm

         Helena Lemin        (she/her)

Maddie O'Mara

Madieson O'Mara   (she/her)

Jaime Colley

Jaime Colley

Daniel Patava

Daniel Patava

Screen Shot 2024-01-31 at 11546 pm

Caitlin (she/her)
and Ethan (he/him)

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