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The Need for Facts

Words by Markos, 28 VIC I love facts. I grew up reading fact books, I tweet facts, I write fact-based articles and I’ve even worked in fact-checking. Therefore, it sickens me to see the epidemic of lies and propaganda...

Right Side of History | WhyNot

Right Side of History

Words by Lydia, 24 VIC “We live in a strange world, where children must sacrifice their own education in order to protest against the destruction of their future” Greta Thunberg, 2019 Many will have heard by now of the...

Alabama | WhyNot


Words by Nicole, 25 VIC My poem ‘Alabama’ was inspired by the strict abortion laws that have recently been passed in a number of states in the US.  I wrote this poem as a conversational piece for...

(h)e..quality equality


Words by Jessica 21, NSW The vicious witches are at it again, Smearing our gender and hating on our Name. And I want to make it clear that ‘I didn’t do it’,   ‘I feel attacked’, ‘And her short skirt was...

Politician Testing

Politician Testing

Words by Jono, 27 VIC I wrote this article out of sheer frustration when I learned that the NSW Government would refuse to implement pill testing booths at musical festivals across the state. Despite successful pilots...

Australian Politics is NOT Broken | WhyNot?

Australian Politics is NOT Broken

Word by Angus, NSW Australian politics is broken! Democracy is in chaos! We are an international laughing stock! What about stability?! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Reading the news last week, you may have thought Australia...

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