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An Open Letter to Fraser Anning

Words by Aisha, 19 NSW Illustration by Alieen, You can find more of her work on Instagram @cartoonsforsanity and @aileenetc “As a second generation immigrant with a strong Australian identity and more specifically as a...

Everyone is Better than Me | WhyNot?

I Was Intimidated by Brilliance, Until Now

Words by Cheyenne, NSW I have always been an overachiever. I’ve always loved to involve myself academically and socially, reaping the rewards of hard work and enthusiasm. I graduated high school with an ATAR in the...

Feed My Ego

‘Feed My Ego’

Animation by Aileen   This piece represents the need for validation through social media. It focuses on the theme of greed, the unhealthy use of technology and how it will never truly satisfy us. You can find more...

Toxic Masculinity

Our Culture is Saturated with Toxic Masculinity

Words by Anonymous, Why do I walk with my keys in my hands at night? Why do I constantly scan my surroundings when I’m walking alone? Why do I text my friends, parents or partner when I get home safe? Because I am a...

NAIDOC Week 2018

What NAIDOC Week Means to Me

Words by Payten, NSW NAIDOC week is widely celebrated during July of each year by all Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of Australia, to acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities...

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