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Beauty Synonyms Blog Article - my size

Beauty Synonyms

Words by Kyara, 22 VIC “We have other sizes in the back,” the shop assistants say when they see me looking through the racks. I smile and say thanks. Slim young women and athletic young men inhabit the beaches and the...

Racism is a White People Problem | WhyNot?

Racism is a White People Problem

Words by Lachlan, 25 QLD Why was this the spark that lit the bonfire? Was it the fact that this murder was documented on camera? Was this the proof white people needed to believe what Black, Indigenous and people of...

Why We Will Always Need Pride | WhyNot?

Why We Will Always Need Pride

Words by Natalie 20 VIC “We get it, you’re gay! You don’t need to keep telling us about it! I don’t see why you need a WHOLE MONTH just to talk about the fact that you’re gay. Seems unnecessary to me.” I remember that...

Gifted, but Quirky

Gifted, But Quirky

Words by Jess, 23 VIC For me, being diagnosed with autism changed my life in an enormous way. I finally had an answer for all my life’s questions, and the more I looked into the female presentation of autism, the more...

The Cost | WhyNot

The Cost

Words by Chelsea, 23 VIC He slapped my arse With a cardboard box He thought it was a joke, Of course. Brown cardboard, White skin, My privilege didn’t stop him. Laughing,  Walking across an invisible...

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