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Identity crisis

Words by Jahin, 20 NSW There was a period in my life,during high school,when a sense of belonging,equated to liquid gold. Sitting side by side,uniformed in similarity,Feeling whole and cherished,Being a ripple in the...

hot commodity - Read Article

Hot Commodity

Words by Sachini, 22 ACT “Jamie said you were a Brownie,” said my friend Katie. I remember looking down at my arms, feeling a stab of defensiveness shoot through my stomach. “I don’t care,” I had said. In that moment, 8...

pink hair girls article

Pink-Haired Girls in the Night

Words by Kyara, 22 VIC I’m eight hours away from home at a festival celebrating the city of Adelaide’s 60th birthday. Crowds mill about, taking in the art displays and the food vans in the street. It’s easy to lose...

Beauty Synonyms Blog Article - my size

Beauty Synonyms

Words by Kyara, 22 VIC “We have other sizes in the back,” the shop assistants say when they see me looking through the racks. I smile and say thanks. Slim young women and athletic young men inhabit the beaches and the...

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