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The Interview - WhyNot Blog Article

The Interview

Words by Hardeep, 28 NSW This piece was the Winner of the Youth Summit Creative Competition 2020. The tapping of the receptionist’s acrylic nails is making my nerves jump. I made it twenty minutes early and am now...

Meandering Mind | WhyNot?

Meandering Mind

Words by Joanita, 24 NSW I always thought I knew what I wanted – but the longer I spend searching the job market, the more I understand how options can be both liberating and confining.  I used to have no patience...

Read The Pressure of Productivity Blog article

The Pressure of Productivity

Words by Imogen, 26 QLD If you had asked me at the beginning of March what my plans were in the upcoming month, I would have told you that I was gearing up to work at two Comic-Cons (London and Birmingham), possibly...

WhyNot EC Unfiltered: Education & Employment Part 1

Words by Members of the WhyNot Editorial Committee and friends Money makes me uncomfortable. My family didn’t casually talk about money – having it, needing it, spending it, thinking about spending it – around the...

Redefining my Comfort Zone | WhyNot?

Redefining My Comfort Zone

Words by Kelsey, 20 NSW The girl I was a year ago wouldn’t recognise the girl I am now.  The past year has been an absolute whirlwind. I’ve lived in two countries, visited three more, made friends from around the...

Is Finding Your Passion Enough | WhyNot?

Is Finding Your Passion Enough?

Words by Hayley 24 QLD On paper, I had it all.  A high paying job straight out of university with great development opportunities. I was 23 and had achieved all that I thought I was meant to do.  So why did I...

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