By Young People

By Young People

We know what matters to young people because we are young people, so why not let us share your stories?

WhyNot is run by a volunteer editorial committee who are young, passionate, a little quirky and a lot enthusiastic about getting your work published for the world to see! We want to stand with you as you share your voice, and our team is committed to making sure that you are supported from submission to publication and beyond.

Meet our Editorial Committee

Aileen | WhyNot

Aileen Ng (she/her)

Creative Core

With a love for illustration and topical issues, Aileen first joined WhyNot as a contributing artist. Now, she’s a regular illustrator for the digital platform. After completing her bachelor degrees in engineering and design, Aileen initially worked as an engineer. Her struggle with the daily grind led to the birth of Cartoons for Sanity- a comic series that pokes fun at the bizarity of our day-to-day existence. Thanks to an existential crisis and a move into a career as a designer, Aileen has finally found her true passion. She hopes to use her illustrations to create conversations that allow other young Australians to tell their own personal stories. You can check out more of her work at


Lauren Pollock (she/her)

Comms Queen

After stumbling through a business degree and reluctantly starting a law degree, Lauren finally found her feet in the world of creatives and chatterboxes, enthusiastically finishing a degree in Communications. Starting out in children’s television and then working alongside the amazing TEDx Brisbane team, Lauren discovered an appetite for sharing interesting stories and innovative ideas that excite and inspire. Currently she spends a lot of her days working with the WhyNot Editorial Committee as the Digital Content Coordinator to deliver content that is both relevant and thought provoking, building an online community of like-minded, inspired and passionate individuals.

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Maeson Harvey (they/them)

Stomping Ground Promoter

Maeson started at Y WA in 2019 as a Business Trainee, completing a Cert III in Business, before moving into their current role as the Youth Advocate. With volunteer experience in community organisations, they are always keen to use their skills for a social purpose. You can usually find Maeson planning their next camping trip and spending too much money fitting out other people’s cars with DIY camping set-ups. Their passion for coffee mugs has led to a takeover of every available shelf space in the house, and they’re not ashamed to look high and low in search of their missing work mugs. Maeson believes everyone deserves the opportunity to be their authentic selves and is dedicated to creating safe communities for them to do so.

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Sam Duffy-Yates (she/her)

Social Media Butterfly

With a degree in graphic and communication design, Sam joined the Y Canberra at the end of 2020 after several years in the Melbourne design scene. A creative at heart, Sam has backgrounds in interior design, a love for illustration and photography, and a passion for using design to help, connect and inspire people and just generally make the world a better place. She is excited to get to the heart of what is important to young people in WhyNot. When she’s not creating a new design or planning out social media schedules, you’ll find Sam on her yoga mat, watering her indoor jungle of houseplants, planning a new adventure, or demanding love from her little cat, Truffle.


Lydia Hartwig (she/her/they)

Thunberg’s Apprentice

Lydia is a bookworm with a passion for environmental sustainability and youth empowerment. She fills her time reading, playing with her dog or studying for her next degree, and has become what can best be described as a “professional student” in her pursuit to become a librarian. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English and a minor in History, her Master’s in Teaching, and is now working on her Library degree. For the last few years, she has worked with the Y in Bendigo as an after-school-care Educator. She is always looking to make a difference for those whose voices need to be heard.

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