The most important issues to young Australians.

By 25 January 2018 General

The most important issues to young Australians from the Australian Youth Representative Consultation Report, in the UN Youth Australia 2017. 50,000 young Australians between the ages of 12 and 25 were consulted. Read more

To all the ‘no’ voters: I am not your enemy

By Megan Shellie 4 October 2017 Marriage Equality

After grand finals weekend there will have been a lot of gay people returning from visits home after watching the big matches. Many of them will be feeling pretty bruised, maybe because their team lost, or maybe because they discovered a family member was a "no" voter. Read more

Love is so deeply and absolutely, just love

By Georgie Nichol 26 September 2017 Marriage Equality

Marriage stands out as one of the most widely recognised commitments of love, a union that so many of us have grown up aspiring to be a part of. People get married for so many reasons, whether it be to validate tradition, to honour religion or simply because marriage acts to provide security and cement legalities due to its binding nature. Read more

It’s time to step up and say “Yes” Australia

By Sammy, 24 years old 21 September 2017 Marriage Equality

Whilst I'm still in disbelief that Australia thinks it's ok to allow the country to have a vote on whether or not it should be legal to marry the person you love, unfortunately it is happening and now we have to come together and make the right decision. Read more

Everyone deserves equality!

By Zoe, 14 year old 28 August 2017 Youth Mental Health

Everyone deserves equality and the basic human rights of marriage. In Australia we advertise our country as a free country that is famous for our diversity, yet there is still a portion that cannot marry due to something such as gender preference. Marriage is about love, not gender and everyone deserves the freedom and the choice. Read more

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