Put your posters up!

By Georgie Nichol 17 August 2017 Youth Mental Health

Tonight I witnessed something. Something that demonstrated to me, exactly what impact looks like. Without clicks, likes, comments or shares. Just face to face, real life human impact... Read more

LGBT+ sex education in schools.

By Ella Wylynko 27 July 2017 Marriage Equality

On the 12th of July 2017 The Daily Telegraph released an article titled ‘Fat Chance Of Being Healthy.’ Alongside drugs, alcohol and obesity, the layout of the article mistakenly suggested another reason why teenagers only have themselves to blame, was their same-sex attraction. Read more

Young people are being led down the garden PaTH

By Megan Shellie 13 July 2017 Marriage Equality

The Federal Government’s new Prepare, Trial and Hire Scheme, shortened erroneously to “PaTH” will see jobseeking young people aged 15-24 offered internships for between 4-12 weeks in exchange for an additional $200 a week, on top of their usual jobseeker allowance. On paper, it sounds great, but is it? Read more

Are we ready to listen

By Ashlee Carter 21 June 2017 Marriage Equality

A lie so often believed by people that I may commonly associate myself with, is that they have never been discriminated against. There’s a larger issue at hand, please don’t think I’ve forgotten about that. Read more

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